Angelim Vermelho

Angelim vermelho (Dinizia excelsa)


Common names: Angelim vermelho, Angelim pedra, Angelim Ferro Parakwa, Angelim Falso, Angelim Ferro, , Faveira Grande, Faveira Preta, Gurupa


Distribution : Primarily Brazil and Guyana in South America


Color/appearance : Heartwood is reddish brown, sometimes with colored streaks; slightly paler sapwood isn’t always clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Freshly sawn surfaces can have a lighter olive hue, with color darkening to a deeper reddish brown with age.


Janka hardness: 3160 lbf


Density: 5.58 lbf


Shrinkage: 1

Radial (thickness): 5.4%

Tangential (width): 8.8%,

Volumetric (total): 14.3%,

T/R Ratio (width to depth): 1.6


Allergies/Toxicity: 1 Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Angelim vermelho has been reported to cause unspecified allergic reactions.


Sustainability: CITES: No, IUCN: No


Common Uses: Heavy construction (exterior applications), flooring, decking, boatbuilding, docks, and other applications where its strength and rot resistance can be utilized.


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