Dogwood (Cornus florida)


Common Names: Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood


Distribution: Eastern North America


Color/Appearance: Most boards and planks are composed primarily of sapwood rather than heartwood. Narrow heartwood is a reddish brown. Wide sapwood is cream to pale pinkish in color.


Janka Hardness: 2,150 lbf


Density: 4.25 lb/b.f.


Shrinkage: 1

Radial (thickness): 7.1%

Tangential (width): 11.3%,

Volumetric (total): 19.9%,

T/R Ratio (width to depth): 1.6



Allergies/Toxicity: 1 Besides the standard health risks associated with any type of wood dust, no further health reactions have been associated with Dogwood.


Controlled species: CITES: no, IUCN: no


Common Uses: Golf club heads, textile shuttles, bows (archery), mallets, pulleys and turned objects.


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